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Swan India’s Premier Farm Implements and Agriculture Equipment

Greetings from New Swan India, your reliable supplier of agricultural equipment and high-quality farm implements. Being a pioneer in the field, we promise to improve your farming operations by offering creative and dependable solutions. Our wide selection of products is made to ensure efficiency, productivity, and sustainability while satisfying the various demands of contemporary farmers. Swan India is a leader in agricultural innovation, providing dependable equipment with a long history of performance.

About Swan India

A Heritage of Excellence


For many years, New Swan India has led the way in the agriculture industry. Our path, characterized by steady expansion and creativity, demonstrates our commitment to helping the agricultural community. Since the beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to providing farmers with Agriculture Equipment For Sale and high-quality farm tools that satisfy their changing needs.

Dependability and Quality

At New Swan India, our activities are centered around quality. We make sure that every piece of equipment we manufacture is long-lasting by upholding the strictest production standards. Our products have the dependability required for difficult agricultural activities since they are precisely designed and made of sturdy materials. Being ISO 9001 certified demonstrates our dedication to quality control and client satisfaction, and we are proud of this.

Comprehensive Range of Farm Implements



New Swan India provides a range of harrows, including as chain, tine, and disc harrows. These tools are essential for weed removal, smoothing seedbed creation, and breaking up clumps of soil. Because of the effectiveness with which our harrows are designed, you may efficiently and rapidly prepare your fields.


Moldboard, disc, and chisel plows are among the plows in our selection; each is made to fit a certain type of soil and agricultural application. These tools are necessary to get the soil ready for planting and to make sure it is well-aerated. New Swan India's plows are built with strength and efficiency to provide exceptional performance and long-lasting durability.

Planters and Seeders

Our planters and seeders are made to guarantee ideal plant spacing and accurate seed sowing. The machinery from New Swan India guarantees consistent seed dispersal, increasing crop yields and encouraging healthy growth whether you are growing vegetables, grains, or specialty crops. To meet different farming demands, our offering comprises precision planters, pneumatic planters, and mechanical seeders.


Cultivators from India are ideal for controlling weeds and preparing soil. Our cultivators, which come in different range of sizes and designs, are intended to remove weeds, loosen the soil, and encourage soil aeration. These tools are necessary to keep crops healthy and increase the output.


For crops to be healthy, weeds and pests must be effectively controlled. A variety of sprayers are available from New Swan India, such as mist blowers, backpack sprayers, and boom sprayers. Our sprayers are made to apply fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides effectively while avoiding waste and guaranteeing uniform coverage.

Harvesting Equipment

New Swan India’s harvesting equipment includes combines, reapers, and threshers, designed to streamline the harvesting process. Our equipment is built for efficiency, reducing labor costs and ensuring timely harvests. With advanced features and robust construction, our harvesting equipment is an invaluable asset for any farm

Cutting-Edge Agriculture Equipment For Sale



From tiny farm models that are compact to huge machines for large-scale activities, New Swan India provides a wide variety of tractors. Our tractors are renowned for their dependability, economy on fuel, and adaptability. New Swan India tractors include ergonomic designs and cutting-edge innovations that boost output while lessening operator strain.


Hay and straw baling is made efficient with our balers. To satisfy all of your needs, New Swan India provides square, round, and tiny balers. Our balers are renowned for their dependability, user-friendliness, and capacity to create high-density bales, which improves transportation and storage.


The tillers made by New Swan India are ideal for maintaining gardens and preparing soil. Our tillers, which come in a variety of sizes and configurations, are made easy to use and efficient at tilling the soil. These multipurpose tools are perfect for adding organic matter in your soil, managing weeds, and preparing seedbeds.

Irrigation Systems

Proper irrigation is very important for good crop growth and good harvest. New Swan India, provides a variety of irrigation systems, such as pivot, sprinkler, and drip irrigation. Due to the effective water-usage design of our systems, your crops will always receive the appropriate amount of water at the appropriate time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What varieties of agriculture tools and equipment does New Swan India offer?

New Swan India offers tractors, balers, tillers, planters, seeders, cultivators, sprayers, harvesting equipment, harrows, and irrigation systems.

How is the dependability and quality of its products guaranteed by New Swan India?

To ensure trustworthy, high-quality products, we do comprehensive testing, adhere to ISO 9001 criteria, and use sturdy materials.

Are New Swan India's farm implements and agriculture equipment environmentally friendly?

Yes, our products are designed for efficiency and minimal environmental impact, utilizing eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Can New Swan India provide customized solutions for specific farming needs?

Yes, we offer tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of each farm, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

How can I purchase New Swan India's farm implements and agriculture equipment, and what kind of support is available after purchase?

Purchase through our authorized distributors or contact us directly. We provide comprehensive after-sales support to assist with any inquiries or issues.