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Swan India's Premium EV Powertrain Components

Introducing New Swan India, your reliable source for state-of-the-art EV Powertrain Components. We are dedicated towards advancing sustainable mobility as a market leader in the production sector of electric powertrain components. Our wide selection of products is made to ensure efficiency, dependability, and exceptional performance while also catering to the changing demands of electric vehicle (EV) makers. With a reputation for quality, New Swan India leads the way in automotive innovation and offers dependable components.

About Swan India

A Heritage of Excellence


New Swan India has been a leader in the automobile industry since its founding. Our trajectory, characterized by steady expansion and novelty, is indicative of our commitment to bolstering the progress of electric automobiles. Our dedication is in providing EV Powertrain Components of the highest caliber, meeting the demanding specifications of contemporary electric cars.

Dependability and Quality

At New Swan India, our activities are revolved around quality. We make sure that every component we create is long-lasting by adhering to the strictest production standards. Our products have the dependability required for demanding applications since they are precisely designed and made of sturdy materials. Being ISO 9001 certified demonstrates our dedication to quality control and client satisfaction, and we are proud of this.

Wide Selection of Electric Motors for EV Powertrain Components


Both permanent magnet and induction motors are available in our selection of electric motors, each of which is intended for a certain EV application. These motors are essential for producing mechanical energy from electrical energy, which guarantees effective and potent propulsion. The electric motors from New Swan India are built tough and have an effective design that lasts a long time

Switches and Gearboxes

The gearboxes and transmissions made by New Swan India are made to meet the special requirements of electric powertrains. These parts provide efficient and smooth power supply, improving EV performance and driving pleasure. Our gearboxes and transmissions are made with durability in mind, guaranteeing enduring performance even under harsh circumstances.

Power Electronics

New Swan India offers a variety of power electronics components, including inverters, converters, and controllers. These components are essential for managing the flow of electrical energy within the vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Our power electronics are engineered for reliability, allowing you to maximize the performance of your EVs.

Systems for managing batteries (BMS)

Our battery management systems are made to keep an eye on and control EV battery performance. By ensuring that batteries run within safe bounds, these devices increase battery longevity and efficiency. Swan India's BMS solutions are essential for preserving the functionality and health of your EV batteries, giving end users and manufacturers alike piece of mind.

Charging Systems

Efficient charging is essential for the convenience and usability of electric vehicles. New Swan India offers a range of charging systems, including onboard chargers and charging infrastructure solutions. Our products ensure fast and reliable charging, making it easier for EV owners to keep their vehicles ready for the road.

Control Units and Software

The brains behind an efficient EV powertrain are the control units and software. New Swan India develops sophisticated control units and software solutions that manage the various components of the powertrain, ensuring they work in harmony and efficiently. Our advanced algorithms and control strategies optimize performance, efficiency, and safety. For more information regarding our products, Feel free to contact us or visit our website. Let New Swan India be your partner in achieving automotive excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are EV powertrain components?

EV powertrain components are the essential parts of an electric vehicle's propulsion system, including electric motors, battery management systems (BMS), inverters, transmissions, charging systems, control units, and software.

Which electric motor is New Swan India offering?

Swan India provides a selection of electric motors designed for heavy-duty trucks, commercial vehicles, and tiny automobiles, among other EV applications. High performance, lifespan, and efficiency are the design goals of these motors.

What kinds of electric car gearboxes does New Swan India India offer?

Modern transmission systems made especially for electric cars are available from New Swan India. The smooth power distribution and improved driving experience of these gearboxes are designed to work in harmony with the features of electric motors.

Where are the EV powertrain components sold by New Swan India?

The EV powertrain components made by New Swan India are sold via our approved dealers and distributors. For orders and queries, customers can also get in touch with us directly. Our goods are available everywhere, giving consumers simple access to premium EV parts.